Pressure Seal Machines

  • Saves time and manpower
  • Effective and secured mailing solutions
  • Range of machines to meet any volume demand
  • Inline sealers to integrate printing and sealing together
  • All services provided by Paragon

Service Agreements

A range of service contacts are available for the Paragon Range of equipment.

Comprehensive Cover

A full maintenance contract that covers all parts, PM service visits (usually 4 or 2 depending on model) and breakdown calls.

Comprehensive (Plus) Cover

All the features of the standard Comprehensive contract but with a 4 hour response (subject to acceptance).

Preventative Cover

A maintenance contract that covers PM service visits (usually 4 or 2 depending on model) but all additional calls and parts are chargeable.

Flexible Cover

Paragon's latest offering which puts the customer in charge. This is a flexible contract that allows the user to decide the number of visits. All the benefits of a Comprehensive contract but with an additional number of planned maintenance visits.

Disaster Recovery

In addition to our range of machine maintenance agreements we offer a disaster recovery service. In case of a time critical failure or disaster at a client’s premises, we provide an emergency output from our bureau service.