Pressure Seal:

  • Invented by Paragon
  • Secured solution for mailing
  • Wide range of products to any volume of work
  • Wide range of applications
  • Forms, Finishing equipment, printers and other consumables
  • One stop solution for any pressure sealing needs

Why Pressure Seal

Pressure Sealing eliminates the need for envelopes. The process folds and seal forms to produce secure confidential documents that are ready to post. Pressure sealing dramatically improves efficiency and reduces costs, while taking the hassle out of mailings.

Using strips of a special cohesive that is dry to the touch and can be used in laser printers, the form is printed as normal, then under high pressure in a sealing machine the strips combine to form a tight, tamper-proof seal. The sealed mailer is ready to be mailed without the cost of an envelope – making pressure seal the most cost effective way to send printed information securely.

And as the leading manufacturer and wide range of pressure sealing solutions provider, Paragon can offer you the best products and services.